Haus of Meraki x The Universe

Haus of Meraki's vision was designed in collaboration with the universe, and you are our muse.  Our eco-conscious collections capture the essence of innovation and reveal your true nature with products that enhance your individual journey to mindfulness. 

Each product is intentionally crafted to encourage sustainable growth within the spaces we occupy - our home, our planet and ourselves.

We envision a culture free of the thoughts, words and actions that hinder you from connecting with the source of your true power.  When you trust and embody your inner power, you evolve into the Superhuman that you are.

We exist to remind you we are more.  You are more.

From the Creator

I am a natural born artisan curating from a place of consciousness and sharing my products as a way to contribute to the collective consciousness.  In essence, my mission as a creator, or co-creator as I like to call myself, is to share a journey with you.

Haus of Meraki is evolving with me, through me, and my hope is that you join me on this journey.  As we grow, you grow.  As you expand, we expand.  We are all alchemists, constantly evolving through varying levels of consciousness, and evolution knows no end.  Together, we are part of the collective. 

Welcome to Haus of Meraki, a space where superhumans connect.