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Attar 6 | HAVE IT OUT WITH YOUR EGO | 285g
Attar 6 | HAVE IT OUT WITH YOUR EGO | 285g

Attar 6 | HAVE IT OUT WITH YOUR EGO | 285g

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Top Notes:  Lemon Thyme and Bergamot

Middle Notes:  Green Olive and Olive Leaf

Base Notes:  Musk and Amber

Lemon will shift ego driven feelings of confusion and guilt and will bring back your confidence so that you can focus on self.  It will help you make better decisions by using logic and reason.  Thyme will help shift any anger, hate or bitterness and opens your heart so that you can forgive and understand.  It will help you put things into perspective.  Green Olive/Olive Leaf helps you tap into your knowledge, wisdom and spiritual guidance.

45 + hours burn time

Follow these instructions for the best performance

  • For the first burn, please burn your candle long enough to create a melt pool of wax across the whole diameter of the jar.  This will create an even burn with every use.
  • Always keep your wick centred and trimmed to 1/2 cm every burn.  This will prevent your wick from smoking and eliminate black soot.  It will also keep your jar at an ideal temperature.
  • Please note that wicks have a tendency to move once the wax begins to liquify.  If you find that your candle is burning more towards one side of the jar then carefully reposition the wick back to the centre using a wick dipper.  This will prevent the candle from tunnelling.
  • Always store your candles in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • If you find blackened edges around your glass container, remember to keep the wick trimmed.  Once your candle is extinguished and cooled, remove black marks with a dry paper towel.
  • For best results, burn your candle 4 hours at a time.